Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thank you MixedChicksChat!

I had a great time on Mixed Chicks Chat! Both Heidi and Fanshen were very sweet and I had so much fun talking to them. It was a huge honor to be on their show. Though I was nervous (I'm always much more comfortable writing than talking. It's almost impossible to get me to talk on the phone in real life), they were absolutely wonderful, and asked great questions. If you want to listen, or to leave any comments, you can check out: Teri's Interview on Mixed Chicks.

A huge congratulations to Heidi on her book The Girl Who Fell From the Sky! I can't wait to read it. Heidi surprised me by suggesting she and I should go on a book tour together. I have no idea when my book will be out yet, but it floors me how cool that would be!


Anonymous said...

Hi Terri!!

Loved your interview. I wrote you before via email. I am the person in Boston at the University. In any case, I thought the comments were a little "harsh" on the "Light Skinned-ed Girl" site. I "got" what you were saying. As a mother of a bi-racial little Diva, I know that she even now at 5 has to address some things about her hair. Continue to be strong in "claiming your space" and defining who you are. You are doing a great service to the "biracial hair" community and for the more PC crowd, 3C/4A hair.

I never apologize for my dark brown skin, big ol' hips and cultivated locs. It has gotten me far in my profession. Please don't change or apologize. You are successful because you are speaking your truth!!

Good luck with your book and hope to see you in Boston on your book tour!!

chickem said...

i love mixed chicks chat !

Lanita said...


You've heard of the saying, "When you no better, you do better." Well what my mother didn't "no better" for me, I'm doing for my four year old girl Taylor! I'm determined to keep her hair natural. I just stumbled on your website and what a wealth of information! I've spent gobs of money on Mixed Chicks, Quidad, Miss Jessies and yet something was still missing for my kiddos 3b/3c/4a hair. (She looks very similar to the little girl's pic on Mixed Chick Chat website); I had been so tempted to used gobs of leave-in conditioner on her hair to lock the curl, but just wasn't sure where to begin. Thanks to you, now I know! I look forward to reading your book next year. (I'm a physicia, trying to be a children book author). One question. Have you reviewed Quidad, Miss Jessie and Mixed Chicks products?