Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Move nearly over (thanks to lots of help)

Today is my first full day with Internet access after nearly a week without it. I didn't realize how dependent I am on it until I went nearly a week without.

Though there is still some last minute cleaning to do at the old place, Jon and I are now officially in the new place. A huge thanks to my brave dad: between his "Escargo" trailer-that-could, and his amazing packing abilities, my dad and I got all the stuff moved in twelve trips between the two apartments and several flights of stairs at both, over two weeks. I can't imagine trying to do the whole move over a weekend, which was our plan before my dad stepped in and rescued us from ourselves (thank you Dad!).

I know I have lots of stuff. I guess I get some sort of comfort in holding on to things. Add that to all my hobbies, my love of reading, and my obsession with large houseplants, and you start to get an idea of how unpleasant I am to move. Once, in Louisville, I filled up an entire trailer with my houseplants alone. Then we had to come back for the rest of my things. I think I horrified the family members in Kentucky who volunteered to help me move, like my mom and my brother (my cousin stopped by later to help, and he said he's a pack rat too, so he wasn't nearly as shell shocked by the volume).

Luckily, this time I have less plants. However, I still have this weird thing where I don't like anyone to touch my plants but me. And when they are in the car, I like to be able to keep them in sight at all times. I'm not sure exactly what I think will happen; it's not like they'll run out into traffic if I take my eyes off them, but oh well. I guess we all have our quirks, eh?


Gem said...

I'm glad you're getting settled in! I love that quirk about the plants. I'm like that with...well almost everything I own, lol.

Former Mushroom-Haired Child said...

Hi there Bohemian Bookworm (I love the shortened BoBo): Thank you for saying you are the same way with all your stuff. I feel better about being so...neurotic with my plants. Maybe we are all like that with things we care about.

Anonymous said...

Congratz on ur move :o) Glad you're getting settled in. Happy New Year by the way :o)


Pennerad said...

i'm in the middle of a move myself (several months in, to be exact) and the last trip is tomorrow at dawn and includes a 3 hour trip one way, a grueling day of packing/cleaning/dumping (and i'm a pack rat) and then a 3 hour drive back and possibly some unpacking, though i don't know to where, b/c we have NO MORE ROOM! all my hair products have taken up the bathroom cupboard space!!! and i'm not even a PJ! Good luck!