Sunday, October 11, 2009

Carol's Daughter Tui Hair Smoothie

After visiting it several times in the store, I finally decided to try a Carol's Daughter product. There were several conditioners all with very similar ingredients, such as the Tui Hair Smoothie, and the Black Vanilla Hair Smoothie. I liked the scent of both of them, but finally settled on Tui. I was hesitant about the Amodimethicone it has in it as the main slippery ingredient (for combing). I'm fine with Amodimethicone in something I rinse out, but because I haven't been able to pin down yet what exactly it's made of (it's a mixture), Amodimethicone makes me nervous. Also I haven't found it to be as slippery as other silicones, so I've found it doesn't seem to work as well for getting a comb through my hair.

That being said, I'm trying not to be so stubborn about trying new things, and I've been surprised at some ingredients doing a better job than I thought they would, so decided to give this a try.

Since the Tui Hair Smoothie is in a jar, it's a bit thicker than conditioners you can squeeze out of a bottle. I tried to be very careful to make sure my hair stayed very wet during the combing out process. However, the product becomes sticky quickly. I spent much time having to wet every section before combing it (usually I don't have to re-wet my hair once when I comb with a good conditioner). It was a struggle to get the comb through without tugging or getting frustrated. So, alas, I'm liking Amodimethicone even less as a slippery ingredient than before.

The Tui Hair Smoothie dried well, and my hair seemed to clump okay, so I was thinking maybe I could recommend it, but with a caution about combing, as I have with Blended Beauty.

As I do for all products, I use it for a week to see how my hair does after seven days using it to smooth my frizzies every morning. And after seven days, I hate to say, my hair had matted on one side. I mean, after a week, my hair is always a bit tangley, but generally it doesn't have a chunk of hair that's melded together by weeks end, that takes a long time to get a comb through during the following combing, usually. So because of both the difficulty combing it, and the matting afterwards, I can't recommend this product.

*Note: I understand that this product (as are nearly all the conditioners I review) is meant to be rinsed out. And there are plenty of wonderful reviews out there for how this product works when it's rinsed out. However, since my method involves leaving the product in our hair, I review how a product functions this way.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you saved me money on this product. I love Carol Daughters scents but I've experienced too many products that gave my curly wavy hair the same results. Thank you so much. I will try Herbal Essence and see how that works. I simply love your Mermaid hair!

Liane Allen

Anonymous said...

I think the problem lies in the fact that this conditioner is more of a hair mask meant to be used 1-3times a week, left in for up to 20 min or so BUT definitely to be WASHED OUT and not left in.

Anonymous said...

So far I haven't been able to 'trial' Carol's Daughter' products here in the UK, and I am very curious about them because I have read various rave reviews.

Thanks for posting this T; I know exactly what you mean about your hair 'matting' on one side, lol. So this is one conditioner that I can forget about!

And I love Liane's comment about your mermaid hair - you do have perfect mermaid hair!!

Former Mushroom-Haired Child said...

Hi Liane(Anonymous (1)): I'm glad I was able to save you some money on this product! It is pretty expensive! Aw, thank you so much for what you said about my Mermaid hair! I finally got that hair I'd dreamed of since I was a child.

Anonymous(2):You are totally right, this product, as are all the conditioners I mention on the site and have reviewed for this blog, are meant to be rinsed out. There are tons of great reviews out there letting people know how well they work that way. My technique is that I leave in the conditioner, so all my conditioner reviews are based on this.

I leave in conditioners because leave in products and rinse out products often have nearly identical ingredients. The only difference is often the marketing, the label, and the price. Therefore, I leave in conditioners to save myself money, as well as multiple steps (conditioning, combing, gel, moisturizer.

You can go anywhere to get a review of how a product functions when it's rinsed out, but few places let you know what happens when you leave conditioners in, which is what I'm doing here.

Hi mixiepixie!: That's too bad that there aren't more products to sample in the UK. That's funny you've experienced the same matting on one side that I have. And like the previous post mentioned, this product would be fine if you were using it just to rinse out and not comb or leave in (well, even though I guess that's moot since it isn't available in the UK yet).

Christina said...

I have used the Tui hair smoothie and was unimpressed by it as well, other than the smell. I used it properly - as a rinse out - and again, I was not impressed with the moisturizing or deep conditioning.

I have other Carol's Daughter products that I do like, but the smoothies are not on my list.

Former Mushroom-Haired Child said...

Hi Christina N. Outlay, PMP: That's really interesting that even using them the way they are supposed to be used (rinsing out), they still weren't impressive. And for that price you'd think they would be. What products of Carol's Daughter do you like?

Priscilla Bri said...

Have you ever tried Dominican conditioners...for instance

Lacio Lacio, Miss Keys 10 en 1, Silicon Mix, or Una Bomba?

I've heard some great reviews for those brands but none of them have left the conditioners in their hair like you do. I'm going to try a couple but I love your comprehensive review of the ingredients and texture.

BikerGirl4Life85 said...

I've been following up on your website and loved all the info and recommendations that you've provided. I really like the texture of your hair. I've cut off all of the perm in my hair and have decided to gone natural. My hair has about an inch from root to tip so it's a very small afro growing but my goal is to get my hair curly like yours. I've been checking out some of the organic hair care out there and wanted to know what you think about Simply Organic, I've heard good reviews about their hair care products but they're pricey.

Anonymous said...

I hope people keyed in to what "Anonymous" said. This is a conditioner that is meant to be washed out of your hair. Never left in. There is a Tui Leave-In conditioner (which is a spray in a bottle). I don't know if that would give better results, but it is helpful to use products for their intended purpose. With that said. I like the way you review products (you put much thought into all the aspects of sampling a product) so when you get a chance to sample the leave-in conditioner let us know what you think.

Lovelyrett said...

Hey Terri! Just wanted to say that I LOVE the new picture you have up on the site!